How 'Clubs/Leagues' work in Leonardo

What is a "CLUB" in Leonardo

The "CLUB" is nothing more than a "special filter" that presents the desired flights.

You can consider the "CLUB" as a filter that is always active, all usual functions of Leonardo are working with the "CLUB" , the difference being that you are operating on the defined subset of flights that are part of the "CLUB". So for example:

This has of course some limitations:


The 'CLUB' feature of Leonardo can also be found as

We will use in this document the term 'CLUB'

How a "CLUB" work

The 'CLUB' feature work like this:

1) The pilot submits his flight as usual to leonardo, there is no difference at this stage.

2) The flight is displayed in the "main" leoanrdo, and counted in the general scoring / xc league.

3) If the pilot is a member of a club (or more clubs) his flight will also appear in the scoring/league
of his 'CLUB'.

The decision on wether a specific flight will be included in the 'CLUB' list is taken based on the option of "CLUB MODE"


There are 2 basic modes of operation for a 'CLUB'

Automatic Mode

All the flights that are submited to leonardo by club members are counted in the club league.The administrator or/and the pilot cannot prevent a flight froma apearing in the 'CLUB' listings and scorings. The flights are automaticaly included in the 'CLUB' when the pilot submits his flight in the normal way in Leonardo main "Add flight" page.

In automatic Mode you have 2 more options:

A defned Pilot List

The most common case: The Administrator of the "CLUB" adds each club member manually.

Automatic List of Pilots

This can be used when the "CLUB" is not a club in the common meaning but rather we want to group flights by a specific Country/Nationality/Region

The current option for grouping "Automatic List of Pilots" are :

  1. Country of Flight or Area
  2. Nationality of Pilot
  3. An Area

The Area in Leonardo can be one of two things:

A collection of takeoffs already in the database ( i.e. takeoff ids 1,56,23,102 etc...)


A rectangular Area

At the moment no other way to define an Area is present

Manual Mode
A member will ubmit his flight to leonardo in the normalway (Via the "Add flight" page), but it wont be automatically added to the "CLUB".
The admin must manually add the flight via a special interface. This requires more work from the admin but gives exact control to what flights arecounted and what not.

Administrator of the 'CLUB'

The administrator of this club. The club admin can add/remove pilots to the club
and if "Manual Mode" (see above ) is selected, he can also add/delete flights for the club.


You have the option of choosing the way you count a season : either with calendar years ( ie 2008, 2009 etc)

or define the start - end dates of your season

Request for setting up your "CLUB"

You must contact the Leonardo Administrator and provide him with the following information

If you select "CLUB MODE" => AUTOMATIC you may want to select some more options:

Administer your Club

See Instructions