Leonardo XC Server

Andreadakis Manolis
Rozwijanie leonardo.pgxc.pl:
Robert Grubba
5.0.52 (released 2023/03/31)
Optymalizacja punktacji:
Thomas Kuhlmann
Moduł rozszerzonych informacji GE:
Emmanuel Chabani aka Man's
Tom Payne's igc2kmz
Weryfikacja stref:
Część kodu zaadoptowana z xcsoar project
Warstwa Skyways:
Ogromne podziękowania dla Michael Vonkaenel i jego projektu Paragliding Thermal Maps
Dane pogodowe:
Biblioteki JavaScript/CSS:
Alexander Caravitis,
Andreadakis Manolis

Many many thanks to:

  • Hannes Krueger, for his GPLIGC and openGLIGCexplorer that gave me the initial idea http://pc12-c714.uibk.ac.at/GPLIGC/GPLIGC.php
  • Kostas 'GUS' Proitsakis - Greece, for Beta testing and Map creation
  • Alexander Caravitis - Greece, for Beta testing and Map creation
  • Stein-Tore Erdal - Norway, for his excellent fightbook, another inspiration http://www.flightlog.org
  • Emmanuel Chabani aka Man's for his Google Earth extended info Module.
  • DHV for sponsoring the development of
    a) Custom rankings / National custom rankings / Club rankings
    b) Airspace infrigments checking
    c) Comments for flights
    d) Compare flights and rewrite to Gmaps api v3
  • Peter Wild (DHV) , Martin Jursa (DHV) for believing in the power of open source and their valuable contributions and assistance.
  • Tom Payne for his igc2kmz a great visualisation tool for google earth
  • Durval Henke (xcbrasil.org) for many bug fixes and the developing the code for standalone operation

Also many thanks to the following for providing translations, valuable feedback and beta testing:

I need to specially thank the following people for their spontaneous answer to my call for translators.

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